Pray for:

Bri Markel-safety a job

Kylee Flynn-redirection

Jared Flynn-salvation

Chad Markel-continued strength & discernment/direction

Connect Church reach our community for Jesus

McArthur Family - for all their kids to get back into church

Tia McArthur needs salvation

Bill Faust, Andrew, Sara, Kim Andy Westbrook-salvation

Brittany Witt-salvation

Susie & Les Hale-salvation/health

Richard Stilwell - has infection from back surgery & is in rehab

Bill Bridgeman - health issures                                                                                                                         

Luke Taylor-brain damage

Steve Emory-stroke

Joy Winslow-stroke

Rick Millitello-eye infection


Bernice Millitello - Heart attack


Michelle Rogers-fertility

Barbi-jaw/tooth infection

Dry Faust - thyroid

Angie King - Cancer

Sharon Winslow - strength

Morgan Lievers, Charles Newby, Tonya Newby, Rachel McGee-health

Furlow family-grief/children to live with uncle

Trish Harris - grief

Witt/Hyden family-grief